Lavender Sugar

My first time having lavender sugar was when I received it as a gift.  I used it in my tea and to flavor my blueberry scones.  Lavender has such a soft, soothing scent and can add a subtle hint of flavor to teas, cakes, icings, and milks.  Late April/early May is the best time to purchase a lavender plant so you can enjoy it in dishes throughout the spring and summer!  I like to use fresh lavender but others prefer dried.  

To make lavender sugar just add 1 tsp of lavender buds for every cup of sugar.  Layer the lavender in with the sugar. You need time for the lavender to seep into the sugar, about two weeks, so this is something you want to plan ahead for.  Also, check to make sure it is culinary lavender, otherwise it will be too strong.